NEW DISCO Gathering guidelines.

We’ve waited so long - and now it’s here! Many of you likely know that on June 30, nearly all of the COVID restrictions in Washington State were lifted, now that our community is safer. We’re so grateful that God has brought us to this place - and we’re grateful for your patience, faithfulness, and grace during this season as we have all worked together to navigate this season and keep the message, word, and mission of Jesus central!

This new season brings new freedoms - and as Jesus followers, we navigate all our freedoms governed by love. Discovery includes people with many diverse ways of thinking, and at every step, we ask everyone to show much grace.

Here are some things you can expect in our gatherings as we go forward:

  1. We will welcome you with love and grace!
  2. We will ask before we shake a hand, bump a fist, or give a hug.
  3. In our adult gatherings, vaccinated attendees, staff, and volunteers will no longer be asked to wear masks. We ask that CDC guidelines continue to be followed for the unvaccinated or high risk, including masks and social distancing. See Your Guide to Masks | CDC
  4. All kids volunteers and children in kids ministry programming will be asked to continue wearing masks, practice social distancing, and register for programmed activities indoors or out. This is in keeping with WA state directives for childcare.
  5. During all outdoor gatherings have fun and engage with each other. Remember the vulnerability of children and the high risk in these public places. Please review Considerations for Events and Gatherings | CDC

Another great step forward!

Pastor Jon