Open Doors

Centers of Hope in Iraq & Syria

Christianity is on the verge of disappearing in Iraq and Syria, and rushing aid across borders during this time is complex. “Whenever there’s an opening, we will rush toward our persecuted brothers and sisters with these critical resources,” one of our partners in the region shares. Without our help, many Christians would lose hope completely and Christianity in the Middle East would dwindle even more, if not disappear altogether.


Despite the war in Syria, the rise and fall of ISIS, the demolition of many churches, and the exodus of many Christians, there still remain faithful and committed church leaders, laymen, and members we are privileged to serve. Open Doors is committed to standing with these brave men, women, and children of faith who need our help. This commitment is only possible through the prayers, faithfulness, and generosity of the global body of Christ.


In the face of extremists’ attempts to utterly destroy it, thank you for your consideration to support the survival of the church in Iraq and Syria together with us. Centers of Hope are active, local churches in Iraq and Syria that serve their communities with a number of hope-giving projects, providing Christians in these two countries with hope and a new perspective to thrive and witness Christ’s love. Thanks to the support of faithful partners of Open Doors, over 250 churches have been transformed into Centers of Hope since 2015.


Each center is researched, planned, and evaluated to ensure every activity is sustainably addressing the needs of a region, while developing spiritual and economic resilience. Through continued support, Open Doors is committed to sustaining these centers with Bibles, emergency relief, medical care, and whatever they need, while also inviting more churches to become Centers of Hope.



If you would like more information about Open Doors or Disco Missions, please contact our Director of Mobilization.