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Meet Our Team

Discovery Staff & Leaders


Jon Fredricks

Lead Pastor // [email protected]

Pastor Jon has had the incredible joy of being part of Discovery Community Church before the true beginning. He began serving towards the dream of launching Discovery in September of 2000, just about one year before the official launch of the church. He loves seeing how people become captivated with Jesus and the mission that He has for their lives.


Mandi Mills

Finance and Communications // [email protected]

Mandi has been serving at Discovery for the past twelve years and is passionate about people! Mandi is a wife and mother to two incredible children, Kyle & Kailyn. She enjoys entertaining family & friends with her latest cooking techniques and often throws dinner parties well outside the capacity of her home – “the more the merrier”.


Barb Bristow

Connections Administrator // [email protected]

Barb was part of the original church plant team, when Discovery Community Church launched in 2001. She joined the staff team in 2013 as the Connections Administrator. Her favorite part about her ministry is meeting and connecting with our new guests because she wants everyone to feel welcome the moment they attend Discovery. She also loves seeing the community of Discovery come together as a church family, be an encouragement to each other, and support each other as we walk through seasons of our faith life together.


Nicole Zinn

Mobilization Director: Groups & Missions // [email protected]

Nicole has been coming to Discovery Community Church since 2001, just after the launch of the church. She joined the staff team in 2013 as the Mobilization Director for both Disco Groups and Missions. When focusing on groups, Nicole loves seeing people who are new to Discovery be able to connect into and build real community. When focusing on missions, Nicole loves seeing people begin to catch a vision for God’s global heart and to want to be part of the body of Christ through that heart. She believes that when we first recognize what God does right around us, we can then answer the call to go out to the world and spread His word to all nations.


Steve Kuriatnyk

Worship Leader // [email protected]

Steve has been attending Discovery Community Church since 2001, just after the initial launch of the church. Steve stepped into a role of leadership within Discovery Church in 2015, becoming the Worship Team Leader for our Sunday services. His favorite part of Worship at Discovery is seeing people be able to combine the art of music with the act of worship, and what that means individually to each person.


Kirsten Stave

Director of Children Ministries // [email protected]

Kirstin has been coming to Discovery Community Church since 2010 and stepped into the position of Director of Children and Family Ministries in 2019. Kirstin’s favorite part about Disco Kids is seeing our team of wonderful volunteers care so deeply about the kids of Discovery and their families. She believes this is a space not only for children to explore their faith, but for volunteers to utilize their gifts by stepping into the spaces that God has asked us to come to so that He can use us to move our community.


Kelly Swaleson

Assistant Children’s Ministry Director // [email protected]

Kelly has been serving at the Assistant Director of Children’s Ministry since 2010, after attending Discovery Community Church since 2002. She believes working within Kids Kingdom has been an immense blessing on her life, both working with the kids and serving the church. She is grateful for the love and dedication of all our teachers, who she believes have helped her move from being a shy introvert to being an open person who is able to share the gifts that God has given her.


Carly Dryden

Communications Intern // [email protected]

Carly began attending Discovery Community Church in 2016 and joined the staff team in 2019 as the Communications Intern. Her favorite part about Discovery is the fact that this church truly feels like family to her. She is grateful that Discovery was a consistent piece of her routine through some years of transition. She is very thankful to have people to walk beside her on her faith journey and to encourage her through new seasons of life.