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6-week summer Bible study begins July 14!

Join us on Sunday mornings at Lincoln for an inductive Bible study into the last book of the Bible — Revelation. Discover the unveiling of Jesus Christ through His beloved disciple, John. We will carefully observe words and phrases, ask thoughtful questions, and wrestle with what the text means for our lives today. Expect to participate and engage with the text, join with your thoughts and wonderings, and interact with each other. Our ultimate hope is for us to understand our God better together! 

Sunday Deep-Dive Bible Study | Nicole L - Discovery Community Church (

At Discovery, small groups are the heartbeat of the church, where real community is forged and real life is shared. Here are just some of the small groups experienced in the past year.

2024-01 Winter groups list_web.jpg

Discovery is also at Bible Study Fellowship. This is a 9-month, in-depth, interdenominational Bible study, and classes also have children's programs. This year's study is the Gospel of John: The Truth.

  • Women's Group — led by Katie Bering / Debbie Burke
    Mondays at 9:30 AM at Lakewood First Baptist Church
  • Women's Group — led by Nicole Lam
    Mondays at 6:30 PM at University Place Presbyterian Church
  • Men's Group — led by Steve Bering / Pete Siems
    Mondays at 6:30 PM at University Place Presbyterian Church

You can join at any time in the year with online options as well! Additional groups are available in Puyallup and Tacoma’s North End.