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In the midst of change and uncertainty, the goal of Disco Kids ministry has not changed. We desire to provide a fun, loving, safe and Christ-centered environment for children to discover and grow in their relationship with Jesus in partnership with their families.

How we come together looks different for our current season...


We are excited to announce we will launch our first in person Disco Kids class for 5-7 year olds at our Tacoma location on Sunday, April 18.

Weekly pre-registration is required and will open each Monday for the following Sunday.

Learn more about how we plan to expand class offerings, safety expectations, and what to expect from Disco Kids classes.

Please contact Kirstin Stave, Kids Ministry Director if you have questions.


DISCO KIDS SERMON NOTES | For livestream and in-person worship services
Use these Disco Kids sermon notes to engage your kids in a fun way with the weekly worship service at home online or at in-person services. Check back weekly to find each week's kids sermon notes.

-This Week: Better Together (April 18) Sermon Notes
-Last Week: Better Together (April 11) Sermon Notes


Starting April 11, the following weekly devotionals will be shared here for you and your family to walk through together each Sunday. We will no longer meet via Zoom on Sunday morning, as we support launching in-person kids classes.

Contact Kirstin Stave, Kids and Family Ministry Director, to set up your RightNow Media account (free to Discovery participants).

THIS WEEK: Philippians: "Where Does Joy Come From?"

Philippians - Where does my joy come from?

Sunday, April 18:
Part 2 - Philippians 1:3-6 Video

Discussion Questions:

-What is the first thing Paul talks about that brings him joy?
(Remembering his friends in Philippi, the people he loves and who love him.)
-What is the second thing that brings Paul joy?
(Seeing people meet Jesus and become children of God.)
-What is the third thing that brings Paul joy?
(Knowing that God's promises will come true - God's happily ever after.)
-Can the Roman guards take away the things that bring Paul joy?
(No. When Paul remembers these things, it brings him joy, even in prison.)
-If you thought about these things when you were having bad days, how do you think it might change your attitude?

-April 25: Part 3 (Phil 1:7-11)
-May 2: Part 4 (Phil 1:12-18)
-May 9: Part 5 (Phil 1:19-26)

We encourage you to also join us on our Disco Kids Facebook Group* for an additional space for community building and resource sharing throughout the week!

*Note: The Disco Kids group is a private Facebook group. New members will be asked security questions and will need admin approval to join.

Discovery has subscribed to a resource called RightNow Media. This is an extensive, new video library that operates much like Netflix with a huge library of faith-based videos that you can access at home. Our goal is to provide some engaging resources that will support parents, kids, and families as we walk through this unique season.

Contact Kirstin Stave, Director of Kids and Family Ministries, if you need assistance setting up your account.