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Thank You For LEADING a DiscoGroup!

2 Vital Bits of info...

1) Your are NOT alone! Not only is God with you, but he's given you the church to support you as you lead. More specifically, Pastor Bobby is here to pray, serve, equip and walk with you in anyway you need. If you have a need, a prayer request, praise, or just need to process some things, contact Pastor Bobby RIGHT NOW! [email protected] or (425) 478-6628

2) Regular support-- While there will be many ways you can be sharpened and equipped in your leadership, one tool you can count on is our DiscoLeader Podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify and hear consistent, biblical, and practical conversation between Pastor Bobby and Disco Member Mo Scott. Our prayer is that this podcast would be a source of equipping for Discovery church leaders. You will hear honest conversations about God's Word and God's people colliding in Group Life through the lens of a pastor &  parishioner.

Small Group Material:

Sermon Curriculum 5/8/2022 Sermon Discussion Guide 5.8.2022

Sermon Curriculum 5/15/2022 Sermon Discussion Guide 5.15.2022

Sermon Curriculum 5/22/2022 Sermon Discussion Guide 5.22.2022

*Final Curriculum for Spring Session-- Sermon Curriculum 5/29/2022 Sermon Discussion Guide 5.29.2022

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