Group Corner

Discovery Groups are about creating Multiplying, inviting communities where people can press in to knowing Jesus and following him into his mission.

Group Leaders - Your Group Matters More Now Than Ever! The Weight Of Isolation And Of Navigating The Emotional And Relational Challenges Of COVID Is REAL And Your Group Can Provide Such A Significant Place Of Connection And Growth. Thank You For Your Faithfulness!

Be Sure To Check Out The Disco Group Leaders Facebook Group For Updated Information, Connections And Ideas!

Discovery's Group Launch Will Be Sunday 10/3

We Are Better Together, So Thank You For Your Ministry This Year To Your Group.

This year we are focusing on Loving, Leading, Launching

Love people - by connecting them into a loving group

Lead people to grow in depth, but start with you!

Launch the next leader by inviting someone to apprentice

If you're a brand new Group, check out:

Beginning of the Year Discussion Guide: Whether you’re a brand new group getting to know each other, or a long-time group, the beginning of the year is an excellent time to reflect on your Group and its purpose.

Small Group Material: Flip - Sermon Discussions

(week 11/7): 11/7 sermon discussion

(week 11/14): 11/14 sermon discussion

(week 11/21): 11/21 sermon discussion

(week 11/28): 11/28 sermon discussion

(week 12/5): 12/5 sermon discussion

(week 1/9): 1/9 sermon discussion

(week 1/19): 1/16 sermon discussion

(week 1/23): 1/23 sermon discussion


Our Monday leadership podcast

9/26 - Intro to Groups

10/4 - Before Your Group

10/10 - Groupcast 101

10/17 - Building Trust

10/31 - Groupcast 111

11/14 - Groupcast 111521

12/6- Group Leader Meet Up

12/21 - Important Dates

12/29 - Two Requests

1/4 - When Is Your Group Relaunching

1/10 - 4th Tuesday Coaching

1/24 - Sharpening One Another

Group Resources:

COVID Resources:

  • Discovery will provide all Groups with access to a paid "Zoom Pro" account, so you can meet online with no time or attendee limits. If you need access to a Zoom Pro account, contact Pastor Jon - our fantastic assistant to all things Groups!
  • Zoom Tutorial for Group Leaders: 5 minute, step by step video
  • Options for Meeting: Summary of the ideas and options presented in September Group Leaders Zoom Meetings