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OPEN: Tad Ernst + Family

Family-29 (1).jpg

OPEN: Tad Ernst + Family

Oct 31 - Story by Jason Curry, Photos by Merissa Humes
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OPEN: Heather & Melaney Neal

Sep 26 - Photos by Merissa Humes, Story by Jason Curry

OPEN: Riley + Xandra Egge

Jul 05 - Photos by Merissa Humes, Story by Riley + Xandra Egge

Open: The Holcomb Family

May 09 - Interviewed by Jason Curry, Photographed by Merissa Humes

OPEN: The Fredricks Family

Apr 09 - Jon + Traci Fredricks, Photos by Merissa Humes

What We Need, When We Need It

I keep thinking about that song that says, all His promises are Yes and Amen. But, what if they weren’t? Would I still want Him? Would I still love Him?
Jan 25 - Moniqua Scott

The Decoration That Wouldn’t Come Down

Dec 14 - Allison Stephens

Deeper Still

What I didn’t know is that he’d ask me to go deeper still… to the places I refuse to touch. To the deep, dark, messy places you must walk through to get to healing.
Nov 30 - Moniqua Scott

Drop Your Nets

When they dropped their nets, they also found freedom in their empty hands.
Nov 28 - Stacie Downing

Going Deep

From the moment my mom left, I have always wanted one thing: approval. It is the idol I must continue to bring to the altar and ask Jesus to take.
Nov 17 - Moniqua Scott