A Child Among Us

The strategic, history making, soul-shaking movement of God began with a child.

A Child Among Us

The strategic, history making, soul-shaking movement of God began with a child.
Nov 28 - Jon Fredricks
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The Banquet

I know that there have been times in my life where it was more important to me that people know that I had been invited into the Kingdom than my actions aligning with those of the King.
Sep 30 - Amanda Cristostomo

The Most Fulfilling Work

We work as GOD’S laborers to bless and honor Him, and to inspire those around us to leave idleness and begin their own work for the LORD.
Sep 28 - Tad Ernst

We're Supposed To Let Weeds Grow, Too?

God's universe does hard work to grow something valuable. God's kingdom knows the transformational power of seeds. And God's universe has a long-term vision of a healthy harvest.
Sep 28 - Allison Stephens

Opa's Stories

Flowing from His very heart, each word, each story, each look, each touch, just cradled you in that truth.
Sep 27 - Jason Curry

When God Wants Your Attention

From the Gospel's perspective, we are given these unbearable things to carry so we will rely more fully on Him. And when we do, God brings us to the place and to the work He intended for us to do.
Sep 03 - Carly Absher

It Was the Blood

A pursuit of faithfulness, obedience governed in Love giving thanks to God our Heavenly Father who looks down from up above
Aug 31 - Darlene Esqueda

Something New To Carry

This is the dilemma for those of us who encounter Jesus very early on. There is no such thing for us as pre-Jesus. Do we even have a testimony?
Aug 26 - Kristen Lumsden

God's Perfect Grace & Love

Forgiveness was the first and most powerful lesson I was graced with. Receiving forgiveness from those who I sinned against and giving mercy to those who sinned against me.
Aug 24 - Esther Rogers

S. 48th St.

God’s presence was undeniably there. And, believe me, I wanted to ignore it SO BAD! But something was keeping me there. I knew it was where I was supposed to be, but the thought of changing my life or lifestyle to accommodate it was overwhelming, but I did it.
Aug 20 - Chris Williams