When God Wants Your Attention

From the Gospel's perspective, we are given these unbearable things to carry so we will rely more fully on Him. And when we do, God brings us to the place and to the work He intended for us to do.

Enlarge My Capacity

I give because He supplies what I need and enlarges my capacity in the process. As I give my all, He surprises me with miracles unending in time, money, and energy.
Jul 16 - Nicole Lam

But We Can Try

Sometimes, my thinking and perception of my circumstances and certain situations can be very black and white. Everything is either all good or all bad. But when I take time to pull out my journal...I can see that nothing in life is ever all good or all bad. Except for God. He is all good. He is the exception.
Jul 13 - Halee Harrison

Generosity...but HOW?

I’ve been in church for about 30 years and I don’t ever think I’ve heard anyone talk about how hard it is to be generous.
Jul 08 - Jason Curry

The Barriers We Build

Sure, we want a Messiah, but when he shows up AUTHENTICALLY… what do we do with him?
Jun 24 - Jesse Holcomb

Going On Vacation

I think we all go through seasons...when a simple question like, “How are you?” seems too loaded to answer authentically.
Jun 22 - Star McMillan
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Why Can't I Just Complain?

Paul calls the Colossians (and us) to inspect our hearts – which is very different than assessing the sin of someone else.
Jun 18 - Allison Stephens

Chasing an Authentic Love

we are called and commanded: “God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved.” He asks that we drape and cover ourselves “with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.” do we, though? do we?
Jun 15 - Rebekah Ellis


Because grace without truth means no justice. Truth without grace means only judgment.
Jun 11 - Russell Spotts

True Self

It seems like in our life we either choose to serve the fear and avoid the judgement and rejection OR we face the fear and crush it through authenticity and true community.
Jun 08 - Tad Ernst

On Earth As In Heaven

I don’t believe God would give us a vague instruction like “set your mind on things above” and then be angry with us when we aren’t able to do what is asked.
Jun 03 - Amanda Cristostomo