What We Need, When We Need It

I keep thinking about that song that says, all His promises are Yes and Amen. But, what if they weren’t? Would I still want Him? Would I still love Him?

The Holy Spirit Needs No Language

He needs not your English language, friend, but your heart.
Oct 05 - Moniqua Scott

Don’t You Dare

So, how do we reconcile a call to GO, when very real duties and charges beckon us to STAY?
Sep 28 - Jason Curry

What If I Don’t Feel Like It?

If I wait for when I feel like serving Jesus, I’ll be waiting all the days.
Sep 21 - Moniqua Scott

Love Came Down

The mystery of God‘s love complete Shared through you. Reflected in me.
Dec 23 - Darlene Esqueda

What a Friend

His perfect love gave us Jesus!
Dec 22 - Esther Rogers
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The True Gift

Help to draw my attention away from the gifts under the tree to the Gifts of the season- You, Jesus, and the Spirit.
Dec 21 - Amanda Cristostomo


That’s what captures joy for me: the ability to sing even in the face of difficult circumstances.
Dec 19 - Rebekah Ellis

Born To Live

The significance of this birth was that before Jesus was to die a death He was to LIVE A LIFE
Dec 19 - Jason Curry

Joy in the Midst

To prove the point, He went to the level of reducing to our level (human form) to tell us to our faces that He has already overcome this world.
Dec 14 - Charles Gore

Automatic Need

This is the good news of Jesus. He has come to save us from our sin that stands on the path of joy urging us forward.
Dec 14 - Nicole Lam