Rough Around the Edges

Reflecting on this verse gives me flashbacks of my humble beginnings where I was not the star of my own play, but rather the underdog the audience always seems to pity. But that’s often how the true hero of the story emerges...
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Moving Into the Middle

Everything changes when you move from the edges into the middle. As an introvert who still carries a bit of the shy little girl I was, I am all about the edges. Loner tendencies linger hard in me, and I’m much more comfortable on the edges.
Mar 23 - Rebekah Ellis
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It Takes a Village

Mar 18 - Star McMillan
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My Part of the Journey

Mar 16 - Amanda Crisostomo
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The Cost of Comfort

Mar 11 - Russell Spotts
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No True Disciples

Mar 09 - Erin Randle
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JUDAS: More Than Just a "Bad Guy"

Mar 04 - Allison Stephens
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Dispersed but United

Feb 27 - Jason Curry