Love Came Down

The mystery of God‘s love complete Shared through you. Reflected in me.

In A Manger

Peace comes when we invite Jesus right into the middle of our mess.
Dec 12 - Star McMillan

Making Peace with the Unknown

God, help us to deeply know your LOVE and your PEACE as we enter the Christmas season.
Dec 11 - Allison Stephens

The Mighty Magnificat

Don't confuse your warm fuzzy feelings snuggled by a Christmas tree for the peace of God.
Dec 10 - Russell Spotts

A Friend Like Elizabeth

Whatever God is birthing through all of this, it feels like delivery is still a little ways away and we are all waiting together.
Dec 09 - Erin Randle

Often In Dreams

The idea that God exists and has the ability to hold these possibilities in his hands is the greatest peace bringer I’ve ever had.
Dec 08 - Jesse Holcomb

Mysterious and Messy

Peace is not the absence of challenging circumstances, it’s the freedom from being afraid because you know God is in control of it all.
Dec 07 - Moniqua Scott

The Assignment

God’s design is never flawed, and we can trust that when we follow Him, He will provide a way.
Dec 05 - Tad Ernst

The Path of Peace

Someone came before us and calmed the “rough and rugged” just enough for us to encounter the Lord, and we were forever changed.
Dec 05 - Jason Curry

Our Full Attention

Dec 04 - Kirstin Stave

Let Hope Return

May we find harmony and peace once again, and just as seasons come and go, remind us that this too shall pass.
Dec 03 - Netsie Carlson