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Better together.
Relaunching an in-person kids ministry will take a team of volunteers committed to providing safe spaces as we navigate how to best support kids and families to meaningfully participate within in-person worship services.


We are taking a phased approach to offering classes and will expand class offerings as volunteers and space allow. Each class requires a minimum of 4 volunteers each to be able to start offering that class.

Our first in person kids class (5-7 year class) will launch April 18 at the Tacoma location.
We are currently recruiting volunteers with the hope of offering our next class in May, at the earliest.

We are currently recruiting volunteers and hope to offer a 5-7 year class as soon as we have four cleared and trained volunteers.


The health of our community is important. We are committed to promote worship spaces that support the state’s effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. In accordance with requirements provided by the department of health, our plan is to implement Disco Kids classes to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Volunteers and children participating in Disco Kids classes will be expected to wear face coverings before, during and after service.


Here is what you and your child can expect while you participate with Disco Kids classes in this season:

-Disco Kids Volunteers: All Disco Kids volunteers have been screened and completed background checks. Volunteers are also required to complete training that includes child abuse prevention, COVID safety expectations, relationship building and curriculum implementation.

-Pre-registration: All kids classes will require pre-registration to participate. The pre-registration will include a COVID questionnaire to be completed the morning prior to your arrival.

-Check-in: When you arrive, visit check-in, where you will receive a parent/child security sticker, confirm completion of the COVID questionnaire

-Properly fitted Masks: To reduce the spread of COVID, all volunteers and children participating in Disco Kids classes are expected to wear well-fitted masks (snug around nose, mouth and chin) before, during, and after service.

-Worship: Children will remain with parents until worship wraps up. At that time, children will be dismissed to line-up in the back of the worship space with their teachers. (Floor markers will help children to socially distance.)

-First time attendees: For first time attendees, we encourage a parent to accompany their child to class for drop off. Parent will line-up with your child after service.

-Kids Class: Children will follow their Disco Kids class volunteers in line to their classroom. In class, children will have their own seating space with individual lesson supplies, and will practice social distancing. Class materials will be sanitized before and after class.

Disco Kids Class Schedule
-Relationship Building Question/Activity
-Bible Centered Lesson

-Check-out: Disco Kids volunteers will walk children back at the end of service. Parents will use security stickers to check-out their kids.


We are committed to developing a sustainable volunteer program, where volunteers are cared for and positive relationships are supported among kids, families and volunteers.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering with Disco Kids classes, please contact Kids Ministry Director Kirstin Stave.

There are MANY ways we can use your help! While our biggest need is to develop teams of lead and assistant teachers to help in the classrooms, we also have other areas of service that are important such as curriculum coordination, safety team, check-in, prayer team, and more!

Note: Disco Kids volunteers are asked to have attended Discovery for at least 6 months.