It Was the Blood

Darlene Esqueda | Aug. 31, 2021

It was the blood
that saved me
It was the blood that
made me
It was the blood
molding me
into what He is was calling me to be

It pleased God
who separated me from my mother’s womb
He called me out by His grace
Not a moment too soon

It was Jesus who hung on the cross
Who showed me I was lost
who laid down His life
After paying the cost

Scales fell from my eyes
no longer living a life
being colorblind

With no time to waste
I sought out to seek
His face

Diligently seeking the truth
Searched His word
praying to God
to reveal what to do

Seeking His face, and not His hands
Thanking God
I understand!

Now I’m encouraged
with four kids and thirty years of marriage
after traveling abroad
I yielded to God
a pride filled enemy
desperate to keep me
resisted the old man nature
from my history

It was when I was weak
He was strong
keeping me safe
from all harm

Not long after, I notice an unsettling storm
brewing, becoming a factor

I discovered the law of members working against me
warring against my mind and heart
It sent for me
Sin had plans of captivity
But God
said “just put your trust Me”

Now armed with a prayer of purpose
I didn’t realize
I just scratched the surface

The deeper I search
the more time I spent in church
with bent knees
wailing from the hurt

For it was in there
a body of believers testifying how
much God cared

Off bending knees
ready to please
as I listen to others
declaring God setting them free

I left being encouraged
no longer discouraged
walking away with a heart of courage

The devil caught wind
he roared and grinned
he whispered
“don’t think I don’t know about your secret sin!”

Peering out of the dark
fear gripped my heart
looking within
my spirit examined the inward sin
I question the fear growing within
recalling the love, power, and a sound mind
would win

Yes, I am
“troubled on every side,
yet not distressed
perplexed, but not left in despair;”
A promise from God
He would always be there

I had to learn how to “stand fast in the liberty
where Jesus had made me free”

Not get entangled again with the
yoke of bondage and the spirit of unforgiveness
the enemy had used against me

My tribulations became
teachable moments
fueled with promises, declarations
blessings of atonement

For it has been prophesied over my life

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me
for He has anointed me to preach good
Tidings to the meek
to their hearts
I shall speak

To bind up the brokenhearted,
to proclaim liberty
to those living in captivity
you are no longer bound
but set free
now walk in your authority

The enemy tried to silence me using
my past and negative thoughts
to distract me

A scripture came to mind
to look to the hills
where I would find
A God who is omnipotent and on time

I continue to strive to walk in freedom
as one of God’s redeemed and meek ones

With open eyes
I shall continue to fight for justice and for what is right
in the power of God’s might

A pursuit of faithfulness, obedience
governed in Love
giving thanks to God
our Heavenly Father who looks
down from up above

we have already defeated
the enemy of soul
through a proclamation
shared the gospel
letting everyone know

This is my testimony
Learning to live a life
Trusting Him
living in Christ!